Master Your Game: Pickleball Perfection in Every Swing!


Elevate your game with PKL SPORTZ's premium brand of paddles. We sell Professional Pickleball paddles that are less-expensive than the high end brands, but perform equally.

  • Elongated Handle More Power

  • Protective Edge Guard with 16mm Core

  • Enlarged sweet spot to up your game!

  • Textured Face For More Spin


  • Jacqueline Foster


    I've tried many pickleball paddles in my time, but none compare to this professional-grade masterpiece. The attention to detail in its construction is evident from the first serve. The paddle's sweet spot is generous, allowing for consistent and accurate shots with minimal effort.

  • Sagio Luxwel


    One of the standout features of this professional pickleball paddle is its durability. Despite countless hours of play, it shows no signs of wear and tear. The materials used are of the highest quality, ensuring longevity without compromising on performance.

  • Mark L.


    Like most players I’m hunting down that perfect paddle. I’ve tried the premium brands and have been left disappointed by the durability vs cost. This paddle shocked me, it had tremendous pop and great spin, while still allowing my slow game to feel controlled. At this price with a 6 month warranty and premium play, I’m all in!!


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